GTX 1060 3GB widforce eth profit
So after a few days since setting up my mining rig, testing and tweaking I think I got it stable. The sweetspot for my card seems to be a little core overclock and a lot of memory overclock and half power. My mainboard is using 20 Watt and the cards […]

First results with the mining rig

msi afterburner gtx 1060 3GB
I was mining with my PC but wanted to do more so I went looking for parts. My son also wanted to mine and decided to pay half of the parts. We started with two Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 3G cards.   Part list: Intel Celeron G1830, 2.8GHZ, […]

New project, Miningrig with Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB

Galaxy tab 10.1 wall mount
Tablet wall mount for my domotica For some time now my heating is controlled by a raspberry with pimatic, the only function of the thermostat was showing the time. I had an old Galaxy tab 10.1 laying around so why not use that instead. After measuring and drawing a concept […]

Tablet wall mount for my domotica

Max1 thermostat raspberry
Max! thermostat with raspberry and arduino My central heating is being controlled by my raspberry/Pimatic for some time now and I must say it has been running nicely but it has one flaw… The thermostat is in my living room so the radiators are fully opened and a DS18b20 records […]

Max! thermostat with raspberry and arduino

nest pimatic domotica
I haven’t done much domotica but winter is coming 🙂 Things I am doing/going to do: Convert my aquarium setup from cabled to WIFI Make a WIFI light in the bike shed. Finish my Roomba WIFI project. Finish my Max! radiator WIFI project. Replace the old thermostat for a tablet […]

Winter is coming so domotica time!

VFR800 ghost FI light FIX So after my LED fiasco I ordered a new connector to fix my instrument panel. I contacted RVZ motors to see if they had a wiring harness of a VFR800. They replied quickly and had some old wiring harnesses of a VFR 750, the blue and green connectors […]

VFR800 ghost FI light FIX

H4 cree led light
During a nice evening ride I noticed (another) problem with my VFR, the infamous VFR800 ghost FI light *Sigh*. Look here for the fix:   Well I wanted to replace my headlights with LED’s anyway so let’s clean the connectors and see if that fixes the FI lights problem. After cleaning […]

VFR800 ghost FI light

Vnetphone interphone V8 remote control mount
I got a new toy for the bike, a Vnetphone interphone V8 also known as Fodsports. V8 Now I can ride when I have to be on call for work, listen to music or talk to other riders with the same device. It’s build decent, not heavy and waterproof. Now […]

Vnetphone interphone V8 remote control mount

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Ibood dikke doos box XL mei 2017 unboxing