GTX 1060 3GB widforce eth profit
So after a few days since setting up my mining rig, testing and tweaking I think I got it stable. The sweetspot for my card seems to be a little core overclock and a lot of memory overclock and half power. My mainboard is using 20 Watt and the cards […]

First results with the mining rig

eken h9r review
I received my Eken H9R action cam, already love it. Downside is the battery: battery: 1.5 hours(1080P @ 30fps), 1 hours(1080P @ 60fps), 40 minutes(4K @ 10fps) See my YT channel for examples: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAj65ikse9vZ8ehayIkD5Hw/videos  

Eken H9R

I recently got myself a motorcycle, it’s an old one but it does the job. Of course I have to do something to it to make it “smart” 😉 I will put a preview up shortly. For a friend I have made a knob to reset his ODO meter, it […]

My new toy GSX600f

Omdat er steeds meer bezoekers op mijn blog komen die geen Nederlands spreken heb ik een vertaal optie toegevoegd aan de rechterzijde. De vertaling wordt door Google gedaan dus grammatica zal niet optimaal zijn 😉 Because my site is getting more visitors from outside the Netherlands I decided to at a translate […]

Taal update