Roomba with esp8266 part xx? 5

I finally received the last part to continue my ESP8266 controlled Roomba project.
Because the Roomba puts out around 12V when cleaning and while charging even 21V!! My Nodemcu only takes 9V max on it’s Vin so that’s a problem.

Of course our Chinese friends have everything we need so I ordered a Buck converter, this little device can take in between 4V and 23V and puts outs 1V to 17V.

DC Buck converter

DC Buck converter

The little bot in action


While waiting on the parts I started adjusting a nice extension I found on Thingiverse.
I changed the height a little and added an Nodemcu and Buck holder.
Roomba with ESp8266 nodemcu

With my remixed extension the bot does get higher, in my case it’s not a problem because it can’t fit under any furniture anyway 🙂

Another thing I changed was in the code, I was using the RX/TX pins on the ESP but when doing an OTA update the bot sometimes went rogue 😮
I assume it caused by the garbage the ESP8266 puts out when booting, switching to SoftSerial solved that problem.
roombot garbage

The code is a work in progress, I want the sensor data to be shown as well and finally send it to pimatic.
roombot interface

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5 thoughts on “Roomba with esp8266 part xx?

  • Troels

    Is the buck converter working out fine for you? I have made a similar setup with the exact same buck converter but an ESP01. The code is running fine when using two AA batteries directly with the ESP01 – but when using the buck converter I’m running into trouble, as it is not keeping the ESP stable and the ESP is restarting every 10-30 seconds.
    From what I can see at it looks like Holger is using some components (on the back of his pcb) for stabilizing, but I’m not sure what those are.

    • Marcel Post author

      Tbh I am not using it atm :-S but I did have some issues when the Roomba switched from docking power to battery.
      Holger has a big capacitor, that should keep the powersupply stable.
      From the looks of it there are some rectifiers and resistors on the back.